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DHS Extension of Employment Authorization for Nepali F-1 Nonimmigrants

DHS notice on the extension of suspension of certain regulatory requirements for Nepali F-1 nonimmigrant students experiencing severe economic hardship relating to the April 25, 2015 earthquake. Effective 6/28/18 through 6/24/19. (83 FR 30453, 6/28/18) Extension of Employment Authorization for Nepali F–1 Nonimmigrant Students Experiencing Severe Economic Hardship Relating to the April 25, 2015 Earthquake […]


USCIS Announces Recall of 800 Incorrectly Printed EADs

On June 21, 2018, USCIS will begin recalling approximately 800 Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) that were issued in conjunction with Form I-589, Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, which were granted by USCIS asylum officers. The cards contain a production error that transposed the first and last names of the individuals receiving the […]


DOJ Releases Information on EADs for TPS Honduras

Information on EADs for TPS Honduras USCIS has automatically extended the validity of employment authorization cards for individuals with Temporary Protected Status from Honduras. TPS Honduras EADs have been automatically extended through January 1, 2019. If your employee has an Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766, often referred to as an “EAD”) with an original expiration […]


USCIS Announces It Will Destroy Undeliverable Green Cards and EADs After 60 Days

USCIS announced that starting 4/2/18, it will destroy permanent resident cards, employment authorization cards, and travel documents returned as undeliverable by the U.S. Postal Service after 60 business days if USCIS is not contacted with the correct address. Undeliverable Permanent Resident and Employment Authorization Cards and Travel Documents to be Destroyed After 60 Day Starting April 2, […]


DOJ Information for Employers on EADs for Honduran and Nicaraguan TPS Holders

DOJ issued information for employers on Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) for Honduran and Nicaraguan TPS Holders. Source:  AILA Doc. No. 18010544.  


Practice Alert: EAD and Advance Parole Adjudication Delays

AILA has received multiple reports from members regarding the delayed adjudication of Forms I-765, Application for Employment Authorization and Forms I-131, Application for Advance Parole. Reports indicate that I-765 applications are taking approximately 4.5 to 5+ months to process, though some members have reported I-765 applications taking up to 7 months to process. I-131 applications […]