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Handout on Next Steps for Families in DHS Custody

DHS and HHS provided an informational handout in English and Spanish for families taken into DHS custody for suspected illegal entry. The handout outlines what will happen to children while parents or legal guardians are prosecuted.   Source: AILA Doc. No. 18061805.


FAQs on Zero Tolerance Immigration Prosecutions and Families

Frequently Asked Questions: Zero Tolerance Immigration Prosecutions The Attorney General directed United States Attorneys on the Southwest Border to prosecute all amenable adults who illegally enter the country, including those accompanied by their children, for 8 U.S.C. § 1325(a), illegal entry. Children whose parents are referred for prosecution will be placed with the Department of […]


Asylum at the U.S. Border – Part 3

The Separation of Families The Administration’s policy of prosecuting individuals who enter illegally is resulting in the separation of parents from their children, including toddlers and young children. In order to prosecute the parent for illegal entry or reentry, DHS places the parent in the custody of the U.S. marshals for criminal prosecution. After the […]


Attorney General Narrows Criteria for Asylum Seekers

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday narrowed the circumstances under which members of particular “social groups,” including domestic violence victims and LGBTQ individuals, have grounds to petition for asylum, releasing his decision in a Board of Immigration Appeals case that he referred to himself.   (1)Matter of A-R-C-G-, 26 I&N Dec. 338 (BIA 2014) […]


Strategic Planning in an Era of EB-5 Visa Waiting Lines

Demand for employment-based fifth-preference (“EB-5”) immigrant visas has surged in the past decade. As a result, immigrant visa waiting lines will play a critical part when planning immigrant strategies for foreign nationals from top EB-5 participating countries, like China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Taiwan, and Korea (the “Big 6”). This practice pointer provides an overview of […]