DACA. What options do you have?

DACA. What options do you have?

DACA. What options do you have?

In the light of recent President Trump’s DACA initiatives, it is important to stay aware of lawful options DACA participants have to obtain a legal status and stay in the US.

There are two types of immigration benefits a person can pursue. There are immigrant visas, also known as Green Cards, and non-immigrant visas. In order to obtain any of these, a person must first get a Waiver and then apply for an immigrant or non-immigrant visa that he/she is qualified for.

For the Immigrant visas or Green Cards, available options include:

  • Special Immigrant Juveniles (SIJ) Status
  • Green Card or Permanent Residence through Marriage to a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident
  • DREAMers Green Card or Permanent Residence through Employment with LIFE Act Protection
  • Asylum Status

Examples of Non-immigrant visas include:

  • Professional Workers (H-1B)
  • Athletes/Entertainers/Artists (O-1)
  • Victims of Crime (U)

What visa a person can be eligible for varies based on specific circumstances of each individual case. It is highly recommended to consult with a legal attorney to get a professional case evaluation. Our office provides free consultation, both in-office and via phone or Skype. We are happy to answer all your questions!