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Foreign Students Who Work Stymied on Post-Graduation Employment

By Laura D. Francis International students primed for work in the U.S. are having a tough time getting visas under a strict, unannounced change in government policy. For at least the past couple of months, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has been denying H-1B skilled guestworker visas to former international students who worked in their field […]


Know Your Rights: What to Do if You are Detained at a Port of Entry (Lawful Permanent Residents)

What to Do If You Are Detained at a Port of Entry (LPR)   Source: AILA Doc. No. 18110604.


Can Trump End Birthright Citizenship?

President Donald Trump has confirmed plans to issue an executive order ending birthright citizenship, which grants citizenship to children born in the US regardless of their parents’ citizenship. According to Matthew Kolken, an immigration lawyer who is an elected member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s (AILA) board of governors, the very Supreme Court justices whom […]


Consular Red Flags in L Visa Cases

Red Flags in L Visa Applications Consuls know that the L visa is for two kinds of individuals – 1) for specialized skilled knowledge professionals, and 2) executive-level managers and supervisors. They are also aware that far more people are applying for L visas now than ever before. A direct consequence of this striking increase in […]


Consular Red Flags in E Visa Adjudications

Red Flags for Consuls in E Visa Cases 1) Overly complicated company structures Consular officers take pride in their ability to process complex E visa cases, and many of them have a pretty sophisticated understanding of complicated business structures, but they also have limited time to analyze them. If an E visa application describes a […]