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Our Team

  • James E. Root, Esq.

    James E. Root, Esq.

    Founder and Principal Attorney

  • Stella Cohen, Esq.

    Stella Cohen, Esq.


  • Kristine Parikyan

    Kristine Parikyan

    Office Manager

  • Sean Young Yoo

    Sean Young Yoo

    Senior Paralegal

  • Julia Kozlova

    Julia Kozlova


  • Daria Solovyeva

    Daria Solovyeva

    Legal Assistant

  • Hector Mendoza

    Hector Mendoza

    Legal Assistant

  • Elena Isaenko

    Elena Isaenko

    Public Relations Specialists

  • Laura Martinez

    Laura Martinez


  • Nattalie Fuentes

    Nattalie Fuentes


  • Luisa Camargo

    Luisa Camargo

    Administrative Assistant

  • Wallie Mason

    Wallie Mason

    Of Counsel

  • Elly Levy

    Elly Levy

    Of Counsel

  • Furkat Kasimov

    Furkat Kasimov

    Marketing Consultant